Sunday, June 1, 2008

Episode 14; When Tripods Start The Never Ending Giggles

Who's lazy? Me! So I'm not posting the notes here. Bite me :) But as always head on over to iTunes or straight to to get the episode.

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Oh and enjoy this cute pic of the puppy.


epilonious said...

Yay for tripods!

Alas, I am sorry that I have not found a way to ship cookies that don't turn them into crumbs and all that.

Either way, the idea behind the chain restaurant tour is what you said yourself: so often people go to other places and always want to eat at the places they know where they will find stuff they liked. Thus I figure it will be more palatable to be like "it's the same strip restaurants your used but this time with podcasters trying to get you to snarf your soda."

The other reason is because I wanted to call it "Diabeetus 2009" because I think the name is funny and appropriate.

But, I would be more than willing to have you down to Atlanta some time and take you out to all the charming little local places near me... I actually took last week off and went to a bunch of them so I know what they have now.

BoneyardDiva said...

What is Mr. Frodo wearing in this pic?

naturline said...

That beautiful photos… enchant to me… I must spend more times this way.

RambleRedhead said...

Another very funny show - great job!