Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Episode 20; Too Bad I Can't Speak

Let the pod flood begin! I really wanted to take a moment to just have a little chat with you all and to say thanks to some fantabulous peoples. Oh yea and tell a story or two. Go check out www.wagsandwhiskerslv.com and see how fabu all their merchandise is and all that jazz.

Call me: 206-339-6633
website with all other contact info: www.adrinktobesober.com

And all the episodes are at: http://adrinktobesober.libsyn.com

1 comment:

RobertNYC said...

I think you should get the dots aqua for Frodo. Would look great with his coloring. What do his collier and lease look like, that could influence the decision.

I am going to order stuff from your dog store, I want to support any animal store that cares that much for their customers.