Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Episode 33; A Mary Sandwich

This episode I'm joined by the two Tims (Tim Corrimal and Tim from Terminally Single) to talk all things Thanksgiving and whatever else comes to mind! Go here for the episode: http://adrinktobesober.libsyn.com/


epilonious said...

yes yes yes yes YES YES YES!!

Sorry, had a little podgasm there...

Yeah, this episode was awesome. Thank you Mary and Tim^2 for doing this show. I laughed my ass off at all of it. The Thanksgiving dinner stories, the revelation of the direct relationship between Mary fun and Mary drunkeness... I am just loving it.


RambleRedhead said...

I loved this episode and forgot to make the comment. I truly loved the part when you were in the Mary Sandwich and Terminally Single Tim was the sourdough bread that was too funny!

I love canned cranberries and my brother and I always fight for it and my dad loves the other kind which is totally gross!

P.S. I am posting this comment obviously after Thanksgiving and had to tell you my sister burned the shit out of the sweet potatoes!