Sunday, January 18, 2009

Episode 37; A New Table For A New Year

Here I am again! I'm joined by Tim and Robert of Terminally Single and Wes of Live It Up to talk dating and loads of other fun stuff. Join us as we laugh it up!

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Anonymous said...

Besides Robert, the rest of you have such terrible luck in the dating world. Loved the stories of your dates. Gave me a few laughs!

Kelley said...

Great episode Mary !

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary- it was great to hear you on "without smearing my eyeliner" Chip?..forgot his and her names- how rude, I know. Anyways- the show was great and if you know if "without smearing my eyeliner" has a blog- I'd love to know so I can talk to her at a place she calls "home" online.