Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It has been one of those days! But on the upside I think I see things getting better on the horizon. On the news front, I'll be recording Thursday night and hopefully will have a new episode to post on Friday. That is of course if the editing gods will smile down upon me.

Let me ask this to all of you out there, have you ever had a friend that you were so close to and then suddenly they changed and didn't want to be your friend anymore? I'm really struggling with this right now and wonder if anyone has some sage advice they can give.



Nessa said...

That is a bummer. I don't know how sagely my advice would be, but, If your pal is changing and going in a different direction, it's time to let them go. In my case my pal had a child and of course changed, can't fault her for it, don't dislike her for it, peoples priorities change. It will suck for a while, but you'll be fine :) *hugs*

BoneyardDiva said...

Oh hon...you know I've lost friends who have suddenly changed and didn't want to or couldn't be my friend anymore (Stu!). It's really hard to let go, but it must be done. I had to grieve the loss of the friendship & move on. *hugs* I know it's tough. I got your back.

Critical Care Nurse said...

I also had to let a friend go, you know who she was. It sucks, but I know that you did your best to reach out, and if she doesn't want to reach back, then let her go her own way.