Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Episode 7; A Strange Penis Always Makes Me Happy or And I'm Stroking my Pussy so it's just fine

On this very special episode I'm joined by the Super Fan Melaine, and Ryan from The Way We See It and Terminally Single fame. We talk Princess Butter Cup, dream sequences and hott men. And yes the two t's are on purpose. As always, you can get to the podcast at

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Melanie said...

That was so much fun! Although I wonder why I sounded so echoey -- oh, Skype, thou art a fickle bitch. Oh, isn't not a biggie or anything, but the name is spelled "Melanie." I also answer to "Hey you!"

Archerr said...

That was fun to hear you guys together. A new podcasting group. Love it. And Ryan is right, he didn't try too hard to take over this show. Good job, Ryan.

Nessa said...

Fabulous! I really love when bits and pieces of other podcasts get together :) Great show!